Get Dressed To Stay Home, Here's Why.

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Getting dressed usually means you’re going places. Work, brunch, celebratory dinner—all excuses to put something on. The reality of this past year is we have had very few places to go (and fewer faces to see), but we think it’s time to re-prioritize the act of getting dressed. Who better to get ready for than your own self?
Whether you’re the type of person that likes to keep it simple or go all out, getting dressed is an immediate energy boost, and one most of us have been sorely missing. Recycling the same loungewear sets with the occasional blazer for Zoom meetings has been a collective experience that has overstayed its welcome. Now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to reignite the thrill that comes with getting ready for the day, and we’ll tell you why.
Above all, your body is your first home. Feeling good in it is an important and under-appreciated aspect of self-care. If you’ve been feeling a little disconnected, a good way to remedy this is to give your body some much needed attention. To keep your mind healthy is to keep your body healthy, so if getting ready each day seems overwhelming at first, start small. Introduce something new every day and build on it, the first step can be as simple as putting on a pair of earrings. 
Next, incorporate the process in your daily routine. Make it something to look forward to—similar to your night skincare routine. Getting ready should be treated as an experience because it’s not just about getting dressed; it is a celebratory start to each day. On days when you have spare time, pull up that hair and makeup inspo you’ve had saved to your Pintrest board, shuffle your favorite playlist, and do your daily affirmations to set the tone of your day while you pick out an outfit. 
What classifies as an outfit is completely up to you, whether you choose to elevate your cozy fits or walk around your apartment in a pair of heels—never underestimate how good the right outfit can make you feel. Dress for the energy you want and not the energy you have.  
And last, when in doubt, switch it up. Get experimental with your ensembles and explore all the trends that you have been too afraid to try. Beauty standards have a way of gatekeeping specific fashion trends that exclude an entire demographic of body types. It is long overdue that we toss those beauty standards and dress only for ourselves, because fashion is a mindset—not a body type. Plus, trying these trends out in the comfort of your home is a great way to build confidence, so when we’re finally back together, you look brand new. 
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