10 Ear Parties That Are All Do's and No Don'ts

Crafting a well-balanced ear party is no small feat. With endless options for adornments - cuffs, chains, studs, hoops, huggies, the list goes on - knowing which ‘friends’ to invite to the same party can be a daunting and ruthless affair. Luckily, we’ve trial-ed and error-ed this guest list and our creations are here to ensure your party is the one to be at.

1. The one where everyone attends 

This ain’t your grandma’s dinner party. Sure, you could slowly work your way up to this many guests but our mentality is to just go all in. Who doesn't love a fun crowd? And yet, Valeria’s ear (pictured above) isn’t overpowered. This is because we’ve invited a healthy mix of cuffs, studs, and chains in the same yellow gold to create a harmony of color that is still a unique look.

At the bottom we kick things off with a diamond cuff; a delicate, non-in-your-face piece that extends from the top to bottom of your lobe, creating a parallel to the smaller cuff sitting further up the ear. These cuffs frame two studs (different sizes for a fun contrast), and the trendy drop chain; which adds an incredibly unique element to this group. This party is all sparkle and no joke.

Pictured above: Jenna Diamond Cuff, Ren Cuff, Lila Stud, Leia Stud, and Yulie Chain in yellow gold

2. The one with a more casual dress code  

If quieter evenings and understated events are more your game, we suggest the hoop-to-stud method which creates a gradual decrease in size of jewelry piece down the ear - a waterfall effect, if you will. We’ve incorporated some color in the middle of this party with the Pink Sapphire Halle Huggie but you could swap out for a white diamond look or another solid colored hoop. 

Pictured above: In Between Hoop and Lila Stud in yellow gold


3. The one that's simple but sophisticated  

Sometimes all you want is a simple but classy party with a couple of your chic friends and no lavish decorations. In this case, choose two solid cuffs in varying sizes. This will create symmetry but not to the extreme - you’ll still have an undeniably rare look by wearing that bigger cuff on your lobe. If you don’t have a higher cartilage piercing, put a cuff, smaller huggie, or clip on cuff into a second lobe piercing to create that duel gold look pictured above. 

Pictured above: Jenna Cuff, Victoria Cuff in yellow gold


4. The one with balloons, streamers, and strobe lights

They’re wrong - you can’t have too much of a good thing! Mixing styles and materials is beautiful but an ear party you don’t see everyday is one that invites a trio of the same style. Lean into the huggie for something that doesn’t weigh down your ear but still makes you stand out. Our suggestion is to stick to one material but find diamonds, stones, and gems in differing and flashy colors. 

Pictured above: Halle Huggie in Ruby, Pink Sapphire, and Blue Sapphire and Arya Choker

5. The one that's an obligatory office party 

You’ve seen the paperclip style but you haven’t seen it worn like this before. Two studs paired with a softer statement earring is one of our go-to everyday essentials. You’re clearly on theme at the office and you’re dressed up enough for a late night out. If the growing paperclip obsession isn’t quite your thing, achieve this look with a delicate statement piece that drops or dangles below the lobe and any two differing studs to compliment it. Or pair it with a bar stud and shift the statement piece to the middle seat - you’ll create a cool spacing dynamic with a refreshing take on this look.

Pictured top: Ari Earring, Lauren Stud, and Leia Stud in yellow gold


6. The one with the formal dress code

This trio creates an interesting dynamic since we’re playing with different spacing and stand out stone pieces. The cuff at the lowest point of the lobe is the largest piece and takes up more ear space than the second smaller piece. We recommend a huggie so it’s close to your lobe and creates that contrast to the cuff. You could either complete the look with a small stud like we did to create a trio, or another huggie or three stone-stud would do the trick. All together you get a constellation of sparkling stones zig zagging up your ear - now that’s a fancy party! 

Pictured above: Monroe Cuff, Quincy Huggie, and Leia Stud in yellow gold 


7. The one where the host has an ‘eye’ for style

We can’t sacrifice symbolism for style. Change up your studs for something like a cute evil eye or whatever figure you like. To get this look, place the stud between two cuffs - one solid and one jeweled.

Pictured here: Kai Stud, Jenna Diamond Cuff, and Lou Cuff in yellow gold 

8. The one that's hosted by the middle child 

Every friend of yours who’s a middle child will always say they’re left out. Well not anymore, friend! Bless the middle seat, as it’s centre stage at this event. Choose the larger cuff for the middle position and surround it with smaller, understated cuffs or huggies. This will create a beautiful frame from the larger cuff. Swap out the bottom lobe piece with a fun hoop or stud for something different. 

Pictured above: Lou Cuff, Jenna Diamond Cuff, and Celia Hoop, in yellow gold

9. The one with the full itinerary 

Time for something different; it's a party with multiple events on the itinerary. Double-sided earrings are a good investment because you can style them in three different ways. You could swap out the jackets and wear it as a solo stud, you could place the jacket on a different stud for a mismatched look, or wear it normally for this interlocking earlobe action with your lobe in-between. Pictured above we’ve combined the interlocked piece with a huggie and small stud so the emphasis is on the unique statement piece below. Again, this creates a beautiful waterfall look and we love the unique trio style. Swap out the stud for a cuff to create the below pictured look. 

Pictured above: Sutton Stud, and Lou Cuff in yellow gold  


Pictured above: Sutton Stud, Lou Cuff, and Quincy Huggie in yellow gold

10. The one with the Old Hollywood theme

Pictured above: Sloane Earring, Lila Stud, and NEW STUD in yellow gold 

Oh, the power of the pearl! They simply must receive an invite. If you haven’t heard, pearls are absolutely not only for your grandma. If you’re styling multiple pearl pieces on one ear, the key is to find a variety of styles. Save the double-sided and hoops for the lowest point of your lobe. Next, choose unique studs and chains to add texture without taking away from the pearls themselves. No one said you can’t pair a diamond with a pearl, either. 

Pictured above: Rue Hoop, Willa Threader, and Leia Stud in yellow gold 


Now, what pieces should you have on hand to create these super fun ear parties? Watch Valeria's vlog on her earring essentials to get more inspiration: 


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